Surveying lab

Major Equipments:

  • Prismatic compass
  • Dumpy level
  • Planimeter
  • Digital planimeter
  • Plane table set
  • Vernier Transit Theoddolite

Strength of Material lab

Major Equipments:

  • Computerised UTM Machine
  • Izod/Charpy impact testing machine
  • Digital Tortion testing machine
  • Hardeness Testing Machine

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Major Equipments:

  • Bernaulli's Apparatus
  • Reynolds Number for pipe flow
  • Meta Centric Height of FLoting body
  • Friction factor of pipe
  • Coefficient of discharge of venturimeter
  • Minor losses due to sudden enlargement and sudden contraction and bends

Geo Technical Engineering lab

Major Equipments:

  • Thermostatic Oven
  • Direct shear test apparatus with two dial gauges and proving ring.(12 speed IS-1229,IS 2720 part 12)
  • Core cutter - Cylindrical (100m dia. X 127.3mm Ht.)Wall thickness 3mm
  • Liquid limit device(Motorised -IS 2720) Grooving tool (IS 9259)
  • Vane shear apparatus Laboratory-motorised (IS 2720 part 30)
  • Sand Replacement Appratus

Concrete Technology Lab

Major Equipments:

  • Sieve shaker, with timer given by 1/4 HP motor
  • Vicat needle apparatus
  • Le-chateliermould apparatus
  • Accelerated curing tank(Heating model 12 mould 150mm cube)
  • Concrete mixer pan type
  • Slump test apparatus

Transportation Engineering Lab

Major Equipments:

  • Los angles abbrestion test
  • Ductility testing machine
  • Aggregate crushing value apppratus
  • Aggregate impact tester with low counter
  • Sofetening ppoit of bitumen apparatus
  • Lengt guage apparatus

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Copyright © 2020
All rights reserved.