computer Engineering

          The Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2013. Every year, the Department admits about 60 students. Currently there are 6 faculty members, 3 non-teaching staff members. The department has a thriving implementation environment with active project groups in the areas of Data structure, Artificial Intelligence, Network Security, Data Mining, Signal Processing, System Security, Software Engineering, and Systems and Networking. Each student is guided by Allotted Mentor and Handled by Appropriate Method. E-learning opens Infinite Numbers of Doors for Students to Receive Knowledge and Students are being Facilitate by huge number of such Services by Department. Practical Oriented Education is the only key to Achieve huge Success in Respective Career, Department is doing Efforts on such Activities including Industrial Visits, Entrepreneurship, Micro projects and organizing Tours. We have a vibrant body of students. Our Students have been very successful and have won many accolades in the recent past from different Institutions, Boards for Academics, Sports and Cultural Activities. Students secure excellent placements. A large number of our Alumni have made their careers in different areas. Many of them occupy positions in Industry all over the Maharashtra, and few of them have founded successful enterprises.

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Copyright © 2020
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